Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Karate or Kung Fu Kid?

Query: The remake of the movie "The Karate Kid" - Jackie Chan teaching Karate (or Kung Fu)?

Extreme PCs

Modifying PCs have never been so extreme. Check out some of these cool pc mods.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Retro Tech Cars

In the 50's & 60's, people have visions about how cars would look like in the future and probably built prototypes like these.

Cars would look like rockets or a resemblance to Speed Racer's Mach 5 or Batman's Batmobile.

That would be so cool!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pepsi Logo Fail

I don't know what is the idea behind the newly tweaked logo of Pepsi, but it's sure is ugly.

Here's an interpretation of artist Lawrence Yang.

The new A Team

The A Team movie.

"Rampage" Jackson as B.A. Baracus (Are you seeing this Mr. T?)

Mighty Mouse

Whatever happened to Mighty Mouse? I think this character needs a reboot.
Here are some interesting facts about Mighty Mouse in Wikipedia.
The character was created by story man Izzy Klein as a super-powered housefly named "Superfly." He is most famous for defending the Alamo alongside Davy Crockett. Studio head Paul Terry changed the character into a cartoon mouse instead. Originally created as a parody of Superman, he first appeared in 1942 in a theatrical animated short entitled The Mouse of Tomorrow. The original name of the character was Super Mouse, but it was soon changed to Mighty Mouse when Paul Terry learned that another character with the same name was being published in comic books. Super Mouse appeared briefly in the Marvel comic book interpretation of the character, and was nicknamed "Terry the First", as he was the first version of the character.

First appearance of Mighty Mouse originally had a blue costume with a red cape, like Superman, but over time this outfit changed to a yellow costume with a red cape. As with other imitations of Superman, Mighty Mouse's super powers allow him to fly and to be incredibly strong; in short, to be invulnerable. He has demonstrated the use of "X-ray vision" in at least one episode, while during several cartoons he used a form of telekinesis that allowed him to command inanimate objects and turn back time (as in the cartoons The Johnstown Flood and Krakatoa). Other cartoons have him leaving a red contrail during flight which he can manipulate like a band of solid flexible matter at will.

The initial formula consisted of an extended setup of a crisis which needs extraordinary help to resolve; Mighty Mouse appears to save the day. Mighty Mouse was originally voiced by Roy Halee, Sr.; later Tom Morrison provided the character's voice in some cartoons.

The early operatic Mighty Mouse cartoons often portrayed Mighty Mouse as a ruthless fighter. He would dole out a considerable amount of punishment, subduing opponent cats to the point of giving up their evil plan and running away. Mighty Mouse would then chase down the escaping cats, and continue beating them mercilessly, usually hurling or punching them miles away to finish the fight. A favorite move is to suddenly fly up to just under a much larger opponent's chin and throw a blinding flurry of punches that leaves the enemy reeling.

Mighty Mouse had two mouse girlfriends named Pearl Pureheart (in the cartoons) and Mitzi (in the comics during the 50s and 60s), and his arch-enemy is an evil villain cat named Oil Can Harry (who originated as a human from earlier Terrytoons as the enemy of Fanny Zilch). These characters were created for a series of Mighty Mouse cartoons that spoofed the old cliffhanger serials of the days of silent film; the cartoons [beginning with "A Fight To the Finish" (1947)] usually began with Mighty Mouse and Pearl Pureheart already in a desperate situation, as if they were the next chapter of the serial. The characters often sang mock opera songs during these cartoons {Pearl: "Oil Can Harry, you're a villain!"/Oil Can: "I know it, but it's a lot of fun..."}. Mighty Mouse was also known for singing "Here I come to save the day!" when flying into action. Mighty Mouse's home town is Mouseville, populated mostly by anthropomorphic toon mice.

Alien mascots for London Olympics

Meet the new mascots for the London Olympics: Wenlock and Mandeville

The aliens are here!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Adoboverse Blog

Just made this blog page of mine.

Do check my works at http://agimax.deviantart.com/